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November 2016:
The new organic electronic Son of Ohm album is amazing. It's almost ready. Five analog drenched cosmic songs, only synths, organs, some electric guitar and drum machine. I've been playing around with a sequencer for a nice interactive live feel. Stay tuned!!

June 2016:
I've done a live performance at Cosmic Grunn!
(Leonardo Soundweaver)
Weaving some cosmic music patterns with synth, organ, sequencer & spaceguitar...

Here΄s a nice compilation of Cosmic Grunn by Jan Kuipers

Son of Ohm
was nominated for the Schallwelle award for Best International Album and Best International Artist! That was cool!

Review: Son Of Ohm - Syrinx (Carry's new Underground Music)




Leonardo Soundweaver

Syrinx by Son of Ohm (2015)

1. Legend 8’38
2. Syrinx 8’54
3. Crystal 5’07
4. Mount Om 8’05
5. Monkey Mind 7’46
6. Echoes 7’50


Review by Paul Rijkens in iO Pages

Son of Ohm is organic electronic retro futuristic music. Experimental melodic kraut with trippy synth weirdness and electric space guitar magick with a slight psychedelic twist.