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Oh, here's an live electronic music event...I'm going to play some as well... More later.

February 2018 My analog corner is growing... Bleeps and sequences...!

December 2017: Son of Ohm was nominated for the Schallwelle award 2017!! You can vote for album and artist now!!

Review of Astronaut in Dutch progressive rock magazine iO Pages!

“Astronaut” by Son of Ohm:
Album of the week #50 – 2017 – On Modul303

November 2017: Review on Hippiesland!
".....ein symphonisches Gesamt-Meisterwerk, bei dem vom Flow her alles perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt ist...."

October 2017: Astronaut has been released on the Neu Harmony label! On high quality CDr! get it at SynthMusicDirect.

Son of Ohm, Astronaut         

September 2017: The new album 'Astronaut' is ready...!
The album contains five songs and a cosmic bonus track. All very analog with synths/sequencers, organs and a bit of electric space guitar.
Released as a download on Bandcamp.

Astronaut on New Underground Music and
Synth & Sequences
by Sylvain Lupari.

Syrinx on Synth & Sequences

June 2017: Syrinx has been released on the Neu Harmony label! On high quality CDr! get it at SynthMusicDirect.


May 2017:

January 2017:
It has been awful quiet around here...Not in my studio. Last year I finished and released another psychedelic Astral Son album on cd & vinyl and made the second Son of Ohm album. The thing is that my studio PC broke down just after finishing the Son of Ohm. I had to get a replacement for the PC. So the mastering for the album has been postponed. I hope to get it done soon!!!

November 2016:
The new organic electronic Son of Ohm album is amazing. It's almost ready. Five analog drenched cosmic songs, only synths, organs, some electric guitar and drum machine. I've been playing around with my new Moog Synthesizer and a sequencer for a nice interactive live feel. Stay tuned!!

June 2016:
I've done a live performance at Cosmic Grunn!
(Leonardo Soundweaver)
Weaving some cosmic music patterns with synth, organ, sequencer & spaceguitar...

Here´s a nice compilation of Cosmic Grunn by Jan Kuipers

Son of Ohm
was nominated for the Schallwelle award for Best International Album and Best International Artist! That was cool!

Review: Son Of Ohm - Syrinx (Carry's new Underground Music)




Leonardo Soundweaver

Syrinx by Son of Ohm (2015)

1. Legend 8’38
2. Syrinx 8’54
3. Crystal 5’07
4. Mount Om 8’05
5. Monkey Mind 7’46
6. Echoes 7’50


Review by Paul Rijkens in iO Pages

Son of Ohm is organic electronic retro futuristic music. Experimental melodic kraut with trippy synth weirdness and electric space guitar magick with a slight psychedelic twist.