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  For many years I've been using the name Leonardo Soundweaver. Time for a change now. Son of Ohm is a logical continuation of my musical universe. Here you will find what I call:
Retro Futuristic, Organic Electronic Music
It is made with real electronic instruments like organs, synthesizers, drum machine, audio generator and a touch of electric guitar.

"Son von Ohm ist organische, elektronische, futuristische Retromusik. Melodisches Kraut mit Vintage-Orgeln, Trippy-Synth-Weirdness und Elektro-Space-Gitarre mit einer leichten psychedelischen Torsion. Man findet viele Spuren von elektronischer Musik der 70er und einen allgemeinen experimentellen Kraut-Ansatz. Melodisch, spacy und verträumt mit vielen seltsamen Geräuschen und Effekten, die aber durch die melodischen Momente sehr gut und eingängig klingen".


Astral Son
is the electric space guitar based psychedelic music I make. 'Psychedelic song based space rock larded with krautrock and electronic sounds'.

"Over the years Leonardo has created a personal universe of organic electronic music. Being independent has made it possible to expand his musical awareness and skills, untouched by commercial motives. The result is an ever flowing stream of music, meandering as a river through an imaginary landscape. Having a preference for the anologue sounds of the seventies this feel is always inside the music, although time has catched up and integrated the sounds of today as well. Sometimes flowing into a gentle meditative state, other times active with sequences pounding away, layered with harmonies and outerspace sound effects." 

More info, samples, etc: www.leonardosound.com





Leonardo Soundweaver

I am changing my synth corner all the time...

Studio February 2017.                                                               The same corner in 2018

Studio 2015 and a rehearsal with Band1971...

Live at Cosmic Grunn 2015 and an even older studio pic.



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